Kristen Stewart Says 'On The Road' Nude Scenes Were No Big Deal

With "On the Road" making waves at the Toronto International Film Festival this month, MTV News had the good luck to sit down for an extended chat with Kristen Stewart about the much-anticipated adaption of Jack Kerouac's classic novel. And while it's taken pretty much forever for the film to get made since casting news first started making the rounds back in 2007, Kristen said that having the time to mature made a major difference to her performance—in a good way.

"I should have definitely been older than 17 while playing this part, absolutely," she confirmed. "I am so tripped out, and so thankful and proud to be a part of it, and the fact that I'm this age at this time is such an uncanny thing."

And while there were many benefits to being older and wiser when she finally got around to making the movie, the actress admits that a few years under her belt meant being more comfortable with the part where she's, y'know, naked.

"That's luckily not a spoiler, that's the first thing in the book," Kristen said, laughing, when we brought up her topless scenes. And the question of how much skin she'd be showing was a major topic of conversation leading up to the time when shooting began.

"That's something that's so talked about, predetermined, especially considering how young I was when I first started talking to [Walter Salles] about everything. It would have been done differently if I was younger," she explained. But she also dismissed the possibility of being nervous or less-than-energetic about playing that part of her role, saying, "You do want to get as close to an experience as you can, and anything that feels guarded—in this particular movie, especially—would be just so against the spirit of it."

Or, in other words: "It didn't bother me," she said, shrugging—a laissez-faire attitude that will serve Kristen well as she moves on from "The Twilight Saga" and takes on more mature roles...just as long as nobody asks her to dance.

What do you think of Kristen's approach to taking it all off in "On the Road"?