Watch 'Perks' Cast Take On 'American Talk'

In just 24 hours, the cast of "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" will help debut an EXCLUSIVE clip from the film and dish the dirt with a 30-minute online interview with our own Josh Horowitz! (You know, just in case you were wondering why the staff of Hollywood Crush is currently running in circles around our desks and squealing with unrestrained glee.) And while there's no saying for sure what sort of shenanigans might occur when Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller drop by, it's a fair bet that the cast will be up for evidenced by their incredible good sportsmanship during this episode of After Hours, "American Talk: When Cultures Collide."

While American Talk usually centers on testing British thespians' ability to talk like good ol' boys, the mixed nationalities of the "Perks" cast (one Brit, two Americans) saw Josh Horowitz testing the actors' mettle in different ways—first by asking them to identify given celebrities as either British or American. (Hint: If someone asks you to identify Justin Bieber's country of origin, it's a trick question.) And this time around, the guys from this side of the pond were put to the test as well, trying their hand at an authentic pronunciation of such Brit-icisms as "bangers and mash," "queue" and "eh, guvnah," while a delighted Emma Watson cheered them on.

Love seeing the "Perks" cast in action? Then don't miss their command appearance at tomorrow's exclusive First! The fun starts at 7:56 p.m. with the debut of an exclusive clip on MTV, followed by a chance for fans to get their most burning curiosity satisfied as Emma, Logan and Ezra stick around to take questions.

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