5 Things To Do Before Seeing '10 Years'

by Jessica Marshall

It's time to stop fantasizing about rocking your high school reunion and start living the dream.

"10 Years," hitting theaters this week, promises to deliver all that glorious catharsis that comes with a one-night-only second chance to act on those high school what-ifs, armed with what you know now that you didn't know then. Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Justin Long and Anthony Mackie headline an all-star cast in this comedy about a group of young adults who return to their hometown for their 10-year high school reunion. And in one memorable night, the question of who got fat, who got hot and who got famous is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you're planning on attending a screening, here are five things you should do beforehand:

Watch a reunion movie

There are dozens to choose from. "American Reunion," "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion," "Grosse Point Blank"...the list goes on. This could also apply to movies that reunite actors, as "10 Years" is actually a reunion for a many of its cast members. It's the cast of "We Are Marshall" (Kate Mara, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty) meets "Parks and Recreation" (Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza) meets "Step Up" (Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum), meets...you get the idea.

"Dear John" it up

Hey, it's another reason to watch Mr. Tatum in a romantic role, and "10 Years" screenwriter Jamie Linden was also behind the magic of this romantic Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation.

Crack open your old yearbook

Leaf through the dusty pages of young smiling faces and read the fading inscriptions from your BFF or your crush. Or that one from the creepy nerdy kid from French class. Hey, he could be really hot and rich right now, you never know!

Stalk your HS friends on Facebook

They're all on there, and odds are you all have friends in common. So work that undercover magic with your social media skillz and get the skinny on who's married, who has kids, who posted the best drunken party photos, etc.

Attend your own reunion

Get all gorgeous and make your old classmates mouths drop open. Chat up former nerds, jocks, cheerleaders, band geeks and mean girls alike, and brag freely about your awesome life! Enjoy the night. And who knows, you could make some really good friends all over again.

BONUS: Try on an old outfit

Preferably one from your high school years. Squeeze your adult self into it and see if it still fits! Then parade around your room like you were 17 again. We here at Hollywood Crush may or may not still have a plaid uniform skirt stashed away in a closet that sometimes we try on now and again during rare fits of nostalgia...