'Glee' Stars Lea Michele, Chris Colfer Imagine Life In NYC

It's only a few more hours until the new season of "Glee" kicks off on Fox. And with so many new faces and places to spice up our favorite song-and-dance series, it seems that anything is possible. Which seems especially true for besties Rachel and Kurt, who are embarking on some big-city dreams when the show kicks off.

Rachel will be getting put through the ringer by her dance teacher, played by a very toned Kate Hudson, at NYADA, while Kurt will be learning about sex and the city at his Vogue internship thanks to the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker. While fans will have to wait and see what does end up happening when these two hit NYC, we here at Hollywood Crush asked Lea Michele and Chris Colfer what they think a Rachel-Kurt apartment might look like if they should end up shacking up together this season.

"Realistically, they’d probably live in a studio together, like Upper, Upper, Upper West Side," Chris speculated.

"I’m sure Kurt would want to live in Chelsea," Lea said, before Chris interjected, "Like a three-bedroom flat in Chelsea."

Lea, however, wasn’t banking on that being their agreed-upon location. She added, "I think they would live, like, kind of by the NYU school area. Rachel and Kurt together, I can’t wait to see what the interior decorating would be like."

Chris’ response: "Woof!"

Indeed! Well, it’s not long now before we find out. The season four premiere, dubbed "The New Rachel," kicks off at 9 p.m., right after "X Factor."

Are you excited for tonight's premiere? Where do you think Rachel and Kurt would live? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!