'Shadow And Bone' Gets Its Movie Deal

Fresh on the heels of our little listicle about 2012 movies that are based on books, here's another novel to add to your read-it-before-you-see-it file: "Shadow and Bone," the deep, dark fantasy novel by Leigh Bardugo that everyone's been talking about all summer, is being made into a film!

Deadline reports that the book has been picked up by DreamWorks for a big-screen adaptation, with veteran producer David Heyman at the helm of the project.

Heyman, the man behind "I Am Legend" as well as the entire "Harry Potter" franchise, is an old pro at making movies about the magical, the mysterious and the dark fantastic—and Bardugo's story, about a creeping shadowland full of feral monsters and an ordinary girl who discovers that she possesses untapped supernatural abilities, is ripe for translation to the big screen. We can't wait to see how DreamWorks goes about bringing it to life...or, for that matter, to start arguing amongst ourselves about which up-and-coming young actress should play the orphaned refugee heroine Alina Starkov.

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