Channing Tatum To Open New Orleans Restaurant

Ever wonder what it would be like to have Channing Tatum as your boss? Well, wonder no more. The "Magic Mike" star is expanding his resume to include the title "restaurateur," and his New Orleans hot spot, Saints and Sinners, is opening in October...and they're hiring!

With the tagline, "Where the red light is always on," and old-fashioned scantily-clad ladies adorning the top of the restaurant’s Facebook page, we imagine that whoever ends up working there needs to be a bit saucy. Wallflowers need not apply!

Now, being that we are verrrry excited (note all those Rs) by the prospect of a Channing-owned restaurant right in the heart of NOLA, we decided to cook up a wish list of some of the dishes that we hope make the menu.

Why not start off your meal with "The Vow" Nachos? They are so spicy, like the restaurant’s owner himself, you know you probably shouldn’t have more but you can't remember why.

Next, chow down on the "Dear John" Burger. Again, much like Channing, this is a burger so good that it’ll make you break-up with those other less meaty ones you’ve been eating all these years. Plus, the accompanying coleslaw rains down from the sky. THE SKY!

Finally, finish off your meal with the "Step Up" Sundae. A towering mass of sugary goodness that pays homage to the sweetness that is Channing and spins while you eat it.

By the way, you can also order off the menu. We suggest the "Magic Mike" Special. What is that you wonder? Well, simply a lap dance provided by the own himself. We’ll take seven of those please!

Geeze, we just made ourselves a bit hungry. Maybe we should book our reservation now!

Will you be checking out Channing's restaurant the next time you're in the Big Easy? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!