'The Host' Star Saoirse Ronan Eager To See Finished Cave Sets

If Saoirse Ronan seems a little cautious about talking to MTV News' Josh Horowitz in this video, don't worry: It's not because she's weirded out by our (leans in, whispers creepily) intimate questions. It's that the last time she took questions about her new film, "The Host," she revealed a little too much!

"Apparently I ruined the ending," she confessed, laughing. "They had to cut it!"

Although hey, for perspective's sake, it's not like she ruined a story that nobody's heard before; the book by Stephenie Meyer has been out for ages, and of course, as Saoirse admits, "the ending is in there, it's already out in the open."

Still, Josh kindly avoided quizzing the actress on any spoilery details and instead asked what she's most excited to see when she gets her first look at the edited film.

Saoirse, who was at the Toronto International Film Festival supporting her upcoming film "Byzantium," hemmed and hawed a bit—"I'm not mad about watching films that I'm in anyway, just because it's a bit weird"—before admitting that, "I am looking forward to seeing the scenes between William [Hurt] and I, because I love William." (The veteran actor plays her character's uncle in the movie.) "And the scenes we had together, at the time it felt like there was a lot of heart."

And the other thing she can't wait for? Like a lot of fans of the book, the actress is psyched to see what the sets look like in their finished form on-screen—particularly the cave where most of the book's action takes place.

"I've seen photos of that and it looks absolutely beautiful and very kind of epic," she said.

And there you have it: a totally spoiler-free interview! Unless you were trying to avoid advance knowledge of how beautiful and epic the caves are, in which case...oops, sorry.

What bits of "The Host" are you most looking forward to seeing? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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