Are You Up For This 'Twilight' Movie-Theater Marathon?

If you were planning to gear up for the release of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" with a marathon viewing of every single one of the prior "Twilight" movies in order... oh come on, yes you were, we all were, so don't even pretend okay?! But now, there are two exciting options for your pre-"Dawn" rewatch! You can either:

a. make it a girl's night in with your "Twilight" DVD collection, where you can hysterically sob your way through the films in relative privacy without embarrassment, or

b. enjoy a Summit-sponsored marathon of the saga in your local theater, where you can...also hysterically sob your way through the films without embarrassment, because everyone in the audience will be doing the exact same thing.

The official "Twilight Saga" marathon will come to select theaters on November 15, beginning with an afternoon screening of "Twilight," followed by "New Moon," followed by "Eclipse," followed by "Breaking Dawn: Part 1," and finally culminating in the theatrical release of "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" (yes, early!)—and with special exclusive bits 'n' pieces airing between the films. Rumor has it that one inter-movie intermission will include a 10-minute super-slo-mo sequence of Jacob's abs rippling in time to an original composition by Philip Glass!

...Okay, not really. BUT IT COULD HAPPEN.

There's just one question remaining: Will you attend the theatrical marathon? (Okay, two questions: If we go, do you think we can survive the full 10+ hours of movie on a single bucket of value-sized popcorn? But let's start with whether you'll go.)