Spot The Differences: 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Trailer

Dawn broke in fantastic fashion at last night's MTV Video Music Awards when stars Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Jackson Rathbone, Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser presented the LAST TRAILER EVER for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2." And it was good. Real good.

Of course, it wasn't our first look at the concluding chapter of author Stephenie Meyer's vampire romance. An earlier clip debuted in June, giving us the teeniest taste of the big battle to come. But what additional morsels emerged in this latest look? Let's play a round of Spot the Differences! Winner gets a cougar corpse!

Bella Bags a Mountain Lion

The first "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" trailer gave plenty of play to Bella's brand-new vamp speed, showing her sprinting through the forests of Forks. In the new clip, we see just how much of a transformation the once-clumsy teen has undergone, as she flies through the air with the greatest of ease to take out her much-larger prey. Mmmmm, dinner!

Renesmee Gives Good Face

Thanks to director Bill Condon's cunning camera work, utilizing plenty of angles and shadows, we never got an unfettered view of little Renesmee's sweet face, which is curious considering the Volturi's belief that she's an immortal child is what precipitates the entire plot line of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." Well, here, finally, Bella and Edward's spawn reveals herself, in the snowy woods with mom and Grandpa Cullen (around the 45-second mark) and later on the battlefield and in her bedroom (after the 1-minute mark). Welcome to the rest of your career, Mackenzie Foy!

Dakota Fanning Vamps

Our Volturi vision was also a bit obscured in the previous trailer, with Michael Sheen doing more than his fair share of the scenery chewing. Well, we still aren't awarded with significant peeks at Jamie Campbell Bower, Cameron Bright, Charlie Bewley or Daniel Cudmore, but look! There's a cat-eyed Dakota Fanning ready for her close up. With her intriguing, anguish-inflicting powers, Jane's the one we want to see anyway, right?

Edward's on Ice

Where the first trailer merely hinted at an epic battle — with the Cullen clan and Co. running toward the Volturi — this latest look doesn't hold back. In one neat effects sequence, we see Edward jump-smash a patch of ice, sending Volturi flailing into the murky depths below. Pretty cool (literally).

It's Tag-Team Time

What a perfect metaphor for their forever life together: In another action sequence (and perhaps our favorite one thus far), Edward lifts Bella, spinning her around so she can roundhouse kick several of the bloodsucking baddies. With Forks High School behind her, perhaps it's time Bella look into work as a stunt woman?

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