'Catching Fire' Gets Electrified By Beetee

After weeks of casting famine, we're feasting once again!

Lionsgate announced today that it has reaped yet another tribute for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," and this addition is electric. Literally. Meet District 3 representative Beetee (also known as "Volts"), who will be played by actor Jeffrey Wright.

If Jeffrey's name isn't immediately recognizable, his face surely will be. Because he's that guy from some of the biggest films of the past decade, including Daniel Craig's James Bond movies. He also boasts credits in "The Ides of March," "Source Code," "Syriana" and "W."

Jeffrey joins actress Amanda Plummer (who will play Wiress, otherwise known as "Nuts") as the second half of District 3's Quarter Quell contingency. His character Beetee is a whiz with electricity (hence his nickname) and his unique set of skills play a pivotal role in the events of "Catching Fire."

Production is reportedly set to begin on the sequel this month in Atlanta and will hit theaters on November 22, 2013.

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