Style Superstar: Miley Cyrus Is Gothic And Gorgeous At VMAs

Call us biased, but after getting a look at last night's MTV Video Music Awards red carpet, we think it's safe to say that the VMAs are the best and boldest awards event ever—at least when it comes to the fashion on display! So many of our favorite stars were out last night, and sporting bold looks that eschewed conservative couture in favor of pushing the envelope in fun and fabulous directions. And indeed, some of them were auto-contenders for this week's Style Superstar. Whose gothic blondness nearly made us black out...with envy?

Miley Cyrus, the honor is all yours. The just-blonded-and-buzzed star gave her new hair its red-carpet debut with a sky-high style—call it Electric Fence Chic!—dressing up the punky look with a long-sleeved Emilio Pucci gown in matte black chiffon. Miley seems determined these days to define her unique style sense with a more grown-up red carpet look, and this one is right in line with the edgy vibe she's sported this summer: a dramatic neckline that showed off her womanly assets, sheer slim-line paneling, long sleeves and a wispy skirt that gives this evening gown a glam, gothic twist. Add in the glittering clutch, some dagger-shaped earrings and light pink lips, and her look is a shoo-in for Style Superstar!

Meanwhile, Miley wasn't the only one who looked to be taking fashion advice from the Addams Family; gothic dresses with lace accents, sheer inlays and burnout velvet embellishments were everywhere last night, including on the leggy Ke$ha. But the pattern on her pretty, delicate dress is getting busted by that over-the-shoulder cascade of hair and the clodhoppers on her feet are too heavy a finishing touch. And so, alas, like Ke$ha's footsteps throughout the evening, this look landed with a thud.

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What do you think of our VMAs best and worst dressed?

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