Get 'Fun Size' With Victoria Justice In New Clip, Poster

A quick PSA for all you Crushers out there: Halloween is less than two months away, meaning you have mere weeks to secure a BBQ-stained tiara and mix a batch of Go-Go Juice for that winning Honey Boo Boo Child costume. So get on that.

One starlet who doesn't have to worry about her get-up is Victoria Justice, who flaunts Dorothy's signature "Wizard of Oz" gingham in the upcoming flick "Fun Size." Victoria plays a teen who's saddled with babysitting her little brother on the ookiest, spookiest night of the year. And, as you might imagine, things end up more trick-filled than treat-filled.

In anticipation of the movie's October 26 release, we have a few goodies to drop into your pillow case. First is an EXCLUSIVE clip, which finds Victoria using her feminine whiles to cajole a ride from nerd Roosevelt (played by Thomas Mann). And, yes, that's "Suburgatory" star Jane Levy in a leopard-print bra.

Click play on the video above to watch the clip!

Next is a sneak peek at "Fun Size"'s one-sheet, which if accurate, leads us to believe the film boasts a cornucopia of hijinks far crazier than spilling orange soda in a convenience store. (Though what a sad waste of a citrus beverage!)

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