'Bachelorette' Showcases 'Real Women' And Real Debauchery

We've already discussed several selling points of your next favorite raunchy female-led comedy "Bachelorette," chief among them the lovely ladies-behaving-badly angle, but to further seal the deal in advance of the film's theatrical release tomorrow, we thought we'd share another engaging bit of video featuring the film's stars Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, Isla Fisher and Rebel Wilson, plus writer/director Leslye Headland, in which the group addresses the evolution of how women are being depicted in films and finally being allowed to be funny.

"Women have always been as funny as guys, we just had a little bit of a drought there where they weren't writing movies for funny women," Lizzy said. "It's very very frustrating and upsetting to watch guys get to be funny in a comedy and not have anything funny to do. Yeah, the tides are [turning]. Women have been funny in the past in movies and now we are seeing more and more of that again in waves."

Isla then jumped in to make the point that even though the barrier has started to break, there is still the double standard that if women are being funny they have to look good while doing it.

"Women always have to be funny and attractive in movies, and this [movie], it is interesting to be funny and unattractive," she said.

"My cousin was saying that she was so happy that we looked like crap at the end of the movie," Kirsten added. "She said, 'I'm so happy you guys look like you spent all night doing what you did.' ... "It's not glamorized and we did look like crap."

"Yeah, we had a big night," Isla joked.

Speaking on the subject of how this particular film wouldn't have been made a decade ago, writer/director Leslye Headland attributed her success to the many women who paved the way ahead of her.

"There have been so many forerunners," she said. "We're standing on the shoulders of giants, and I don't mean that as a joke. I mean, Tina Fey, Chelsea Handler, Whitney Cummings, Liz Meriwether, Diablo Cody, it's been years now that slowly, little by little, you've been seeing these female writers and directors pushing through slowly, little by little, getting more and more information out there, better characters, making money with better characters."

"Yeah, and so Leslye writes 'Bachelorette' and it features four women who are just crazy outrageous, but super real," said Rebel. "I've never lived in New York and hung out with cool girls like that but I've always imagined that they were like those girls in the movie, doing drugs, partying, all of that and there are girls like that. I think this is an accurate representation that they are very flawed and that's why the act like that, or they are very insecure."

"Yeah, there is something going on under the hood," Leslye added.

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