David Slade In Talks To Direct Adaptation Of 'Matched'

David Slade is considering a return to young-adult world to adapt Ally Condie's hit novel "Matched."

It's been two years since Disney picked up the rights to the YA book, but finally we have some movement on it. Deadline is reporting that David is in talks to helm the project, which takes place in a dystopian world where there is no free will and all major life decisions are dictated by The Society. We, of course, love David best for his take on "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" (my personal favorite of the four "Twilight" films thus far), and it's exciting to see him pick such an awesome novel to herald his return to the genre.

Though the "30 Days of Night" director is best known for his grittier work, he seemed to understand how to balance action scenes with the romantic tension between Bella and suitors Edward and Jacob in "Eclipse"—a concept not every director successfully grasps, all of which means we have high hopes for "Matched." We already know that "Matched" has the love triangle, but it is interesting that David took on a project that doesn't have that much action. But who doesn't love a good dystopian novel?

It's worth noting that we have only two months and eight days to wait until the third and final novel in Ally's trilogy, "Reached," comes out. Finally, finally we'll get to find out who Cassia will choose.

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