'Bachelorette' Stars On The Fun In Behaving Badly

If you have yet to familiarize yourself with the good-girls-gone-bad intrigue associated with the movie "Bachelorette," we're pretty sure that cast members Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan will soon convince you to see their hilarious shenanigans in the film when it opens in limited release Friday (September 7).

The film revolves around three less-than-angelic bridesmaids whose cynical, self-absorbed lifestyles threaten to ruin the bride's (Rebel Wilson) big day. When MTV News caught up with the ladies recently, we asked them to address their characters' less-than-perfect-ness and whether they found anything redeemable to play up in their performances.

"I think their friendship is admirable," said Lizzy. "They've maintained this really close friendship for many, many years and not everyone can do that."

"I think the fact that my character works at Club Monaco, that's also very admirable," joked Isla.

"Oh yeah, yeah," agreed Lizzy.

"She does charitable work, my character," Kirsten offered.

"We're struggling as you can see," said Isla, adding that the ladies' flaws are what make them fun to watch and unique to the stereotypically perfect women often depicted onscreen.

"People relate to weaknesses and frailties in characters," she said. "It's more interesting to see characters try and fail than try and score, on film at least, and we're trying our best to resolve a situation that we got ourselves into during a debauched night. Every time you have a debauched night, at least when I was younger and I had them, there were mishaps. You'd lose one shoe, just one shoe."

"Also you never see movies like this with girls doing this, which is very refreshing," said Kirsten. "It's always the boys that get to do this kind of stuff, and if I wasn't in this movie, I would be excited to see like all of us doing coke together. Like, 'What? I can't wait to see this movie, it's going to be hilarious.' You don't see that on film, unless it's in a drama."

"But we do tackle the issues of drug addiction, alcohol addiction and anorexia with some weight," Isla pointed out. "It's not glossed over. It's got some meat to it."

"And we're pretty messed up. It's not like we're glamorizing it," said Kirsten.

"Yeah, I don't think anyone is going to want to be like these characters," Lizzy said.

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