Zac Efron Wants To Know If We're 'Officially Dating'

Full confession: At first, we totally thought this was actually Zac Efron's roundabout way of telling us he wanted to take our relationship to the next level (in which case the answer is YES PLEASE)...but alas, we were wrong. "Are We Officially Dating?" isn't an actual question; it's just the title of his next film, in which he'll star as one of three gentleman protagonists at the center of a big fat love knot. The Hollywood Reporter has the full scoop on the movie, which recently scored a leading man in Zac but has yet to round out the rest of its cast.

The film, a romantic comedy, focuses on three single guys in New York City who vow to each other that they'll stay un-coupled and keep playing the field—at which point, of course, they each promptly meet a lovely lady with whom they'd like to pursue a relationship, but oops, WHAT OF THE BRO PACT?!

And that's all we know for now! But since it's the movies, we're putting odds on none of the guys telling the others about wanting to renege, but continuing their relationships anyway, leading to an increasingly hilarious series of misunderstandings that culminates with a "Mrs. Doubtfire"-style denouement at Le Cirque involving cross-dressing, musical chairs and an airborne lobster. Why? Psh, more like why not?

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