Victoria Justice Talks Action, Adventure And Chicken Assault In 'Fun Size'

"Fun Size" was already on our shortlist of likely favorite films to come out this fall (not least because its title makes us think pleasant thoughts about petite candy bars, yummmmm), but this EXCLUSIVE new mash-up clip featuring a sneak peek at the movie and a behind-the-scenes interview with Victoria Justice seals the deal. Halloween hijinks, Chelsea Handler, and a surprise run-in with an amorous giant chicken? Yes! We want that!

We caught up with Victoria for our Fall Movie Preview Week to chat about the making of the film and the character she plays in it, a girl named Wren who has a somewhat tragic past.

"She hasn't had a completely normal teenage experience," the actress explained—which extends to the moment in the film where the party-bound Wren lands surprise, unwanted babysitting duty on Halloween thanks to the whims of her midlife-crisis-ing mom. What comes next? Shenanigans, obvi.

"There's action and adventure, but also a lot of romance and heart to this film," Victoria said. And if you're wondering how action and romance might combine, look no further than...the part where she and her friends find themselves getting molested by an enormous animatronic member of the poultry family. (It's in the video!)

"Being in a yellow Volvo while a giant—literally, a giant chicken, was thrusting against this car, was an interesting experience," she said. "That doesn't happen very often."

Um, okay. Maybe not to you.

Are you pumped to see "Fun Size" in theaters October 26? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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