Enjoy Uncomfy Sex In 'The To Do List' Trailer

If you've gotten just a wee bit fatigued by all the uber romantic, high-drama, making-out-in-the-rain-with-your-soulmate movies that usually come around each Valentine's Day, then you'll be very excited to hear that at least one of the coming year's entries on the February film circuit provides some, er, alternative activities! Because thanks to "The To Do List," the (extremely NSFW) trailer which dropped yesterday, you can skip the chocolates and flowers and frilly lingerie, and instead celebrate your Valentine's Day with awkward groping, sexual bucket lists, getting coitus interruptus-ed by a curious child, and an ironclad vow that you're really, finally, not-kidding-this-time, going to actually Do The Sex with another human being.

...You know, for a change.

"The To Do List" stars Aubrey Plaza, the lady champion of deadpan delivery, as a sexually-inexperienced recent high school graduate who's got a list of...um, jobs she'd like to do. If you know what we're saying. (Hint: She wants to work with her hands! And also some other body parts.)

(Watch the full trailer after the jump, but keep in mind we totes weren't joking about the NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK business!)

While this is far from the cute ensemble dramedy of the usual Valentine's Day fare—like, say, "Valentine's Day"—this movie does boast an all-star cast of talented comics plus writing/directorial credits for the fabulous Maggie Carey, which means that it's almost certainly a fun and funny alternative to spending the holiday sobbing in the fetal position on the bathroom floor because nobody loves you.

Not that we have ever done that.

At least not more than once.

Okay, twice.

Will you be putting "The To Do List" on your Valentine's Day calendar?

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