Kirsten Dunst Tongues A Sidewalk In EXCLUSIVE 'Bachelorette' Clip

We've had a close eye on the darkly funny "Bachelorette" since the trailer dropped last month, promising a sort of Neil-Labute-meets-Judd-Apatow take on the bridesmaid screwball comedy (along with an unusual straight-lady role for perennial favorite Rebel Wilson, yaaaaay!). And if you're wondering whence comes the enthusiasm, this EXCLUSIVE new clip should clear things up—featuring a bizarre little scene in which Lizzy Caplan needs another drink, Isla Fisher needs to be sedated and Kirsten Dunst needs to play an evil, sidewalk-licking hosebeast beyotch all the time because she is really eerily excellent at it.

The clip opens in a bridal shop, where it looks like the three bridesmaids—all of whom appear to be coming into the home stretch of an epic pre-wedding bender—have finally found a solution to the whoopsie little problem (as teased in the trailer) of having torn their friend Becky's wedding dress in half! Except hold on, because the replacement gown has emotional significance to Kirsten's character, and she can't stand to see her frenemy in it, and to prove how serious she is, she's going to french kiss a New York City sidewalk.

...Y'know, like you do.

"Bachelorette" is available now on iTunes and Video On Demand and hits theaters September 7.

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