Selena Gomez Is Sad, Bored In The First Peek At 'Spring Breakers'

And now, for something completely different! ...Okay, so the bored teen angst on display in this teensy first clip from "Spring Breakers" isn't exactly new territory, per se, but getting a glimpse of Selena Gomez behind bars (and monologuing about the terrible banality of life in a dull monotone that's anything but Disney-issue perky) is definitely one for the record books.

The first peek at the movie, which Selena has warned might be somewhat shocking to fans who've watched her grow up doing more family-friendly fare, is quick, quiet and seriously blue—figuratively and literally.

In this scene, a blonde Vanessa Hudgens takes pretend shots at the floor, her friends, and herself while Selena's disembodied voice echoes off the concrete walls (we can't see much of the setting, but considering that the story kicks off with the female cast getting thrown in the clink for a robbery, it's not a stretch to assume it's a jail cell.)

"I'm so tired of seeing the same thing every single day," she says, as the camera pans over her listless face. "Everything's the same and everyone's just sad."

And... nope, that's all there is. (Hey, we told you it was quick.) But even in this microscopic clip, it's clear that Selena has taken on a challenge way beyond the cutesy roles she usually plays. And with "Spring Breakers" not hitting theaters until 2013, we can likely look forward to seeing a little more buzz—including the appearance of James Franco in his cornrows and pimp shirt—as the release date gets a little closer.

What do you think of this first look at "Spring Breakers"?

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