Sing Along To EXCLUSIVE New 'Pitch Perfect' Clip

Despite the fact that we're all dying—dying!—to get pitchslapped by Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson in the upcoming a cappella flick "Pitch Perfect," it will, alas, be October before this story from the sordid and scandalous world of college a cappella makes its way to the big screen. But as part of our Fall Movie Preview Week, MTV has scored a little vocal warmup to sweeten the wait: an EXCLUSIVE clip that shows just what sort of instrument-free awesomeness you can expect from the movie's many, many musical numbers!

This melodic scene features the movie's all-girl singing group, the Bellas, limbering up their music-makers and doing a little freestyle remixing before the big competition that pits them against their a cappella arch rivals in a battle for vocal supremacy. What happens when a dozen gifted girls start harmonizing to Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" in an empty pool? Pure magic, that's what! (Plus, more evidence of the cast's unmistakable talent for any recalcitrant doubters who didn't think that Anna Kendrick could carry a tune.)

If you're wowed by the arrangement and wondering how the "Pitch Perfect" music sausage gets made, here's a little more inside info: check out our exclusive interview with the executive music producers who were responsible for choosing the tunes that made their way into the movie's liner notes.

"Pitch Perfect" hits theaters October 5.

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