'Pretty Little Liars' Summer Finale Recap: 'The Lady Killer'

The lead up to last night's "Pretty Little Liars" summer finale may have touted one major BetrAyal, but plenty of characters turned out to be something other than what we thought during the jaw-dropper of an episode.

The action began with a flash-forward. Sirens! Flashing lights! Hanna crying behind police tape! A shrouded body being wheeled into an ambulance! "The deceased was a friend of yours?" an officer asked visibly shaken Emily. Is one liar short a love interest?

Two days earlier, the girls decided they were going to have an intervention for Em. She needed to be convinced that Paige was A and that she was dangerous. Of course, this didn't sit well with Emily, who stormed out of the house and didn't show up for school the next day. But perhaps the girls had it all wrong about Paige, because as she was comforting Emily at home, she got a text from A telling her to be at the cemetery at 10 p.m. The liars got a text of their own shortly after saying to stand down and Emily would stay safe.

In a bizarre little interlude that followed, we witnessed Mona—in a crisp, white nurse's uniform—walking right out the front doors of Radley. Um, it shouldn't be that easy, right? Clearly, it was showtime for the psychopath.

With reporters descending upon Rosewood for Garrett's trial and the continued threat of A's wrath, Emily decided to flee town for a weekend in the woods with Nathan and his family. Which left the other liars holding the bag—Maya's bag, specifically. Another A text ordered them too to make an appearance at the cemetery with tote in tow.

While one character was leaving the city limits, another was entering them once again. Toby made his triumphant return from Bucks County to have sex with Spencer. (Was she really still in possession of her V-card?) If you've ever seen the movie "Scream," perhaps this romp left you wondering and suspecting the same thing I was. More on that to come...

In between all the A intrigue, Aria's cover was nearly blown when Alex Mack Maggie showed up at Ezra's apartment. But the girls decided to keep each others' secrets: Aria wouldn't spill about Ezra's very-real son and Maggie wouldn't reveal Aria's spying.

Spencer, Hanna and Aria met later that night at the cemetery, giving a gun-toting Caleb Maya's bag as leverage. But when no one (least of which, Paige) showed up amongst the graves, the girls realize that they'd been sent on a wild goose chase and that Emily might be in danger. Which she totes was. Turns out, Nathan wasn't Nathan at all. His real name was Linden, and he was out for revenge. He had been in love with Maya and, well, Emily messed it all up, so he was going to hurt her the way she'd hurt him: by slitting the throat of a hog-tied Paige.

Not knowing exactly which lodge Emily was at, Caleb headed to Belmar while the girls headed to Bayhead. Caleb found Emily, who had just stabbed Nathan/Linden after a tussle in a nearby lighthouse. But then a shot rang out. Caleb got one in the gut from his own gun! But who pulled the trigger? It looked like he would be all right (hopefully!), but Nathan/Linden wasn't so lucky, hence the shrouded body being wheeled into the ambulance. As the girls waited at the hospital, they simultaneously got a phone call with a disguised voice intoning: "Emily, I owe you one." Shiver. Garrett also owes her one as the revelation about Nathan/Linden cleared him of the charges for Emily's murder.

But let's talk about the biggest reveal last night (and what I alluded to earlier): OMG TOBY IS A! He's the one who's been in cahoots with Mona! Spencer should have thought twice before giving it up to her handyman boyfriend.

This raises so many questions about Toby. Does he truly love Spencer? Is he targeting the girls because of what they did to Jenna? Or does he have other motives? Let the theorizing commence!

What did you think of last night's big reveal? Were you shocked Toby turned out to be A? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!