Ari Graynor: We're Obsessing Over The 'For A Good Time, Call...' Star In This Week's Girl Crush

We've held down our fair share of odd jobs, but none was quite so odd as that of Ari Graynor's character, Katie, in the upcoming comedy "For a Good Time, Call..." Let's just say if we utilized vocabulary like hers, that titular call would be to HR. You see, the Manhattanite earns her living talking dirty as a phone sex operator. We're blushing just thinking about it, but Ari owns the fun, fearless role, which is why we're naming her this week's Girl Crush.

As is our custom, we asked the actress for her own Girl Crush pick, and her selection is quickly becoming the most popular answer to this question.

"I have a Girl Crush on Kristen Wiig," Ari said of her fellow actress in funny. "She's just one of the funniest, but also most deeply talented people that I've ever known. She's also just really an amazing, cool, fun-loving person."

And with that, we're pretty much sold on the necessity of Ari and Kristen headlining a movie together, like, yesterday.

Until then, you can enjoy "For a Good Time, Call..." which opens in limited release on Friday.

Do you have a Girl Crush on Ari Graynor? Which of her movies is your favorite? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!