Ari Graynor Shouts Out 'Bridesmaids' For Changing The Chick Flick Game

The silly, raunchy, heart-felt chick flick "For A Good Time, Call..." opens next week, and really it's just the latest film in a wave of movies and TV shows that have women as the lead jokester. While women have been relegated to the world frothy romantic comedies in the last decade, these projects are ones that highlights the realness of friendship, love and career.

Viewers love that vibe, and "Good Time" star Ari Graynor credits the Kristen Wiig vehicle, "Bridesmaids," for reminding watchers that women are really, really funny when they are at their best, and their worst.

"You know I think we find ourselves just at an interesting moment where more light is being shed on these kinds of films that are being made," she explained to MTV News. "I think you know, first of all, there was this kind of heyday of female comedy in the 80's that we grew up watching and this is sort of a nostalgia film of sort of that time of the movies with Goldie Hawn and Shelley Long and Bette Midler, Lily Tomlin and they stopped making these [films] with these women with gumption and character and personality."

"It got sort of bogged down in more basic, flat romantic comedy lines," she explained. "Don't get me wrong, I love a good old-fashioned romantic comedy," she added. "And I think with 'Bridesmaids' it did so well and it just let people know there is a space in the marketplace for this that women, and not only women but men as well, are open to seeing ladies be funny."

Graynor is quick to note that she hopes that the conversation doesn't get too bogged down in gender politics and stays focused on the funny. "And hopefully it doesn't have to be a gender-specific comedy," she explained. "I think and hope with our film that it's funny is funny. And you know women are doing it, but it doesn't just have to be for women either because 'Bridesmaids' did so well it shed the light on us coming in at this time. Hopefully we can kind of ride the coattails of saying 'Yeah, come see more funny movies with women in them.' "