Watch EXCLUSIVE Book Trailer For Neal Shusterman's 'UnWholly'

This one is for all of the "Unwind" fans out there who've been eagerly anticipating the release of Neal Shusterman's highly anticipated sequel "UnWholly." Hollywood Crush has been blessed with the excellent opportunity to bring you your first look at the book trailer for "UnWholly," which will finally be available everywhere on August 28. Feast your eyes on the glorious action-packed, expertly packaged preview in the video below.

The text of the trailer teases that "'Unwind' grabbed you by the spine, [but] 'UnWholly' will tear it out." The footage opens with a gunman in front of a young boy, teasing with him about running for his life before he tranqs him.

"I'll give you a fighting chance," says the gunman. "If you can make it to the front door before I tranq you, I'll let you go."

Unfortunately for the boy, he doesn't make it to the door and is shot in the back. The next scene shows a new man cutting into meat at dinner, asking the gunman about how successful his day was in hunting kids.

"So, how many did you get for me today?" he asks the gunman.

"Two," answers the shooter, after which the scene shifts and there is a quick cut to a familiar blue-eyed blonde, one Levi Calder shown running through the woods and the echo of a girl's voice calling "Lev! Lev, wait!"

Cut back to the dinner table scene with the two dangerous men. "I thought you might like to know, we have reason to believe that Connor Lassiter, the Acron AWOL is still alive," continues the mystery man.

"I'll bring him in," answers the gunman. "But only under one condition, I get his eyes."

Cree-py! Even better, the next bit of text continues with the unsettling theme and asks the question: "Are you worth the sum of your parts?"

The last 30 seconds of the trailer up the action ante. We see Lev running and being chased through the woods, cut with flashes of syringes full of a liquid being made ready to inject into someone. The final shot is from the perspective of someone lying on a hospital bed, looking up at a medical team putting him/her under anesthesia.

"Stay whole," the trailer text ominously advises.

"UnWholly" hits bookstore shelves tomorrow.

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