'Limitless' Director In Talks For 'Divergent' Adaptation

It's been more than a year since the adaptation of Veronica Roth's hit novel "Divergent" earned itself a writer, and now the film looks like it finally might be close to getting a director.

We've been anxiously awaiting this film since it was announced, and "Snow White and the Huntsman" scribe Evan Daugherty seemed like a good fit to adapt the dystopian story. But it seems like the flick will be kicked up a notch now that Variety is reporting that "Limitless" helmer Neil Burger is in early talks to direct the flick.

In addition, Variety claims that Summit Entertainment hopes to have "Divergent" in production by March for a planned first quarter 2014 release date. Hopefully that means we'll finally find out who is cast as Tris. Isabelle Fuhrman, cross your fingers!

When we caught up with Veronica at Comic-Con last year, she gave her take on finding the perfect Tris.

"For me, they are clearly their own people, so if I had a dream cast, it would be people who are relatively unknown or anyone who can capture the sort of tough but vulnerable spirit Tris has. I'd rather have a good actor than an actor who looks just right," she said. " Fans] usually plck someone for Tris who is much more gorgeous than she is. Tris is supposed to be plain, she really is. I mean, that's not really a big deal...but it's been spot-on otherwise."

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