Chris Colfer Offers Time-Killing Advice To New 'Glee' Cast

Chris Colfer has some really wise advice for the new cast of characters set to take their marks on the "Glee" set for the show's upcoming fourth season. Basically, he says, expect to sit and wait, a lot.

"Oh gosh! I don't know! Bring a book to set cause there's lots of down time," he told MTV News earlier this summer. He even had the perfect novel in mind for those cast mates who might be scratching their heads about what it is they should read. His suggestion? His own YA novel, obviously.

(In fact, the book is approved by co-star Amber Riley, who also had some advice of her own for the new class.)

"Preferably 'The Land of Stories,' which you can get at your local [bookstore]," he joked, before debunking the dream we always had where we imagine the "Glee" set to be some modern-day, real-life version of "Fame."

"No, there was [sing alongs]. For like the first day [there was], but that got old after the first day," he joked. "But, no, it's not quite the Julliard utopia that people think it is on set. No, once we're done singing in front of camera, we're like 'Oh lord! I need a nap.' We're not like 'Oh, where can I sing some more?'"

It doesn't seem like Colfer naps all that much on set considering he writes novels and scripts between takes. He added, "Well, that's me. I go to my corner of crazy and that's what I do."

"Glee" kicks off on September 13 on Fox.

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