Robert Pattinson: 'Graceful Under Fire' During Press Tour, Fans Say

The Hollywood press cycle can be cruel. Just as Kristen Stewart's relationship indiscretions with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director were coming to light, Robert Pattinson was gearing up for a press tour to promote "Cosmopolis." How would he handle the attention, the interviews, the pressure -- everyone wanting to know how he was holding up?

Turns out, RPattz is holding up just fine -- and handled himself quite well during the tour. So this week's "Twilight" Tuesday is dedicated to the vampire heartthrob, some fan analysis of his public appearances, a few new tidbits about the end of the 'Twilight' era.

'We love the way he continues to strive to be himself with poise and professionalism and isn't afraid to let the world know that he is out there to be an actor,' said Erin Gross, co-owner/editor of 'The actor is proud of his projects, and we are proud of him.'

'I'd say that Robert Pattinson conducted himself with a lot of grace under fire with witty comments about breakfast cereal or changed the subject when things were too personal,' added Laura Byrne Cristiano, owner of 'He's still happy to talk about his films, and that's what we really want long-term.'

And although Pattinson didn't reveal anything too juicy about 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2,' he did a good job of showing genuine appreciation for the franchise and his very dedicated fans. 'I find it amazing, the intensity of people liking it. It's crazy,' he said of the continued 'Twilight' fan fervor. 'It's an elemental thing that it connected to, which I still don't understand. I hope people like [the final film].'

'He seems genuinely humbled to be a part of the franchise. He knows that the fans are important and thrive off any information that they can get about 'Twilight,' ' Gross said. 'It's great that he puts the fans first and makes sure that they know how much that cast appreciates them.'

'I really think fans of 'The Twilight Saga' love the moments [when] Rob talks about the final film being released this November, [and] he has done a respectable job wading through pop-culture-personal questions to get to questions about 'Cosmopolis,' ' said Kallie R. Mathews, owner/administrator of 'Rob's smile and awkward likability don't hinder his efforts. While many of Rob's fans may be curious about the recent drama in his personal life, I believe 'Twilight' fans in general are more interested in hearing him talk about 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' and other projects he's passionate about.'

Looking toward Pattinson's future and the upcoming promotional blitz surrounding the release of 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2,' Byrne Cristiano said she hopes Pattinson reveals a few details about the book-to-screen adaptation and what he might have added to the story or role himself.

'I really want him to talk about the changes from novel to screenplay and how big of an adjustment it might have been [and] did he have any input,' she said. 'Also looking back on the four-year roller-coaster ride, what did he enjoy the most overall and why.'