Robert Pattinson Hopes He's Not Losing His English Accent

Save for this year's period drama "Bel Ami," if you want to hear Robert Pattinson's irresistible English accent in a feature film, you'll have to dig through the archives and retrieve the quirky 2008 movie "How to Be." It seems filmmakers just aren't keen on utilizing the actor's native tongue, which is a real shame if you ask us.

Rob, of course, is a good sport about the whole thing, affecting an American accent with greater ease in each film role. But, does he ever worry he might be losing his English accent, little by little? That was the question posed to the actor during our recent MTV First: Robert Pattinson.

"I don't know," he said. "I guess I don't spend that much time in England. I hope not. I don't have the concern. I don't need to be like Jenny from the Block. I like to be international."

But being "international" didn't always pay off for the thespian, especially when he initially arrived on our shores, so to speak.

"When I first came to America, I couldn't drive, so I took taxis everywhere, so I got in the habit of speaking in an American accent just cause people genuinely couldn't understand you," he recalled. "The amount of times people asked me my name, and I'd be like, 'Rob.' [And they'd be like,] 'What are you saying? Your name is Rope?' I was like, 'How are you hearing Rope out of this?' So you just start doing it."

Click play on the clip above to hear more from Rob on the Great Accent Debate, including the American pronunciation he still struggles with.

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