Robert Pattinson Loves Puppies, Beer, Bad Television

Robert Pattinson, man of distinctive tastes, was in our studios this week for an interview about all those topics that make him one of the most fascinating young stars in Hollywood: his movies, his music, his post-"Twilight" plans...and, of course, his preferred species of baby animal. Because no hard-hitting journalistic inquiry would be complete without a rapid-fire personality profile, as delivered to Rob with great panache by MTV News' Josh Horowitz.

In a matter of seconds, our interview uncovered the lowbrow truths lurking down in the darkest depths of Rob's secret soul: that he likes puppies more than kittens, beer more than wine, D.C. comics more than Marvel...and that if you ask him whether he prefers "Sherlock" to "Doctor Who," he'll stare at you confusedly until you move on to a new question. Because when it comes to chilaxing in front of the television, our favorite Brit has no love for the BBC; his loyalties lie with the can't-look-away trainwreck that is...wait for it..."Cops."

"I watch a lot of reruns of 'Cops,'" Rob said, looking not even the slightest bit embarrassed. "I love 'Cops.' It's my favorite TV show." "Cops"? Really? ...Okay! So that' know...yeah. We've got nothing. Except for the theme song from "Cops" stuck in our head, of course; that, we've definitely got.

How do your preferences line up with Robs? Do you share his strange affection for "Cops"?