Robert Pattinson Plays Never Have I Ever: 'Cosmopolis' Edition

Perhaps it's because we're rarely (okay, never) chauffeured around Manhattan in a limousine, but we had no idea such crazy shenanigans happened in the backseat! That's at least according to Robert Pattinson's upcoming film "Cosmopolis," which hits theaters in limited release tomorrow.

When the actor stopped by our studios to debut a new clip from the drama and chat with Josh Horowitz, we just had to see how many of the movie's weird happenings Rob had experienced first hand. So like two gal pals at a sleepover, the duo played a round of Never Have I Ever.

First up: Have you ever shot a gun?

"Yes, many times. Just recently. I just kind of got into it. I go to the LAPD shooting range. [The target] was a poster of a guy, and completely irrelevantly, he looked a lot like my dad. I mean, I noticed that. I was like, this is really uncomfortable."

Next: Have you ever peed in a car?

"Yes, not just all over a car. In a bottle. Many times as well."

And, finally: Have you been hit in the face with a pie?

"Yep, in 'Water for Elephants.' I have two pie movies, two pie-in-the-face movies in a row."

And there you have it, Crushers. Perhaps the events unfolding in the back of billionaire Eric Packer's limo aren't that strange after all...

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