'10 Years' Trailer: Enjoy A Fully Clothed Channing Tatum

We've already seen a lot of Channing Tatum this year (and we do mean a lot, *cough* BANANA HAMMOCK *cough*), but we can always use more, right? Of course we can! So let's just sit back and watch the brand new trailer (via Yahoo! Movies) for "10 Years," in which Channing engages in some high-school reunion shenanigans with a cast of major players. Even if, alas, he is wearing pants in it.

Although it's got all the usual hallmarks of a reunion movie (the more things change, blah blah blah), "10 Years" looks like a thoughtful entry into the canon, featuring multiple characters and intersecting plotlines as a fictional high school's classic archetypes all come home to roost. And it's got the added bonus of starring Channing alongside his real-life wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum for the first time since their turn in "Step Up," giving us another chance to enjoy seeing the couple's chemistry in action. Plus, a big ensemble cast—including Justin Long, Kate Mara, Anthony Mackie and Rosario Dawson (who is way too pretty, it's not fair).

And fun fact: Although it's coming out in September, this film wrapped production before "Magic Mike" came on the scene, making this the auspicious beginning of Channing's career as a producer of feature films.

Are you excited to see "10 Years" this fall?