'Glee' Season Four Trailer: Kate Hudson's Catty!

Kate HudsonIt's a brave new "Glee," Crushers. Or at least that's what the just-released season four trailer tells us. The new promo, revealed by series creator Ryan Murphy late last night via Twitter, hints at what's to come for our favorite Ohioans (and new New Yorkers!) when the Fox hit returns on its new night, Thursday, September 13.

And for a 30-second sneak peek, there's plenty to unpack. For one, there's our first look at guest star Kate Hudson in action, bringing the snark as one of Rachel Berry's NYADA instructors:

"I bet you were a BIG star in Iowa."

"Actually, I'm from Ohio."

"Wow, even worse."

Then there's Coach Sylvester cradling a baby (presumably her baby) and looking quite content. We're not sure how we feel about the new (slightly) more loveable Sue, but we'll wait to see how this story develops.

And with so many of the original New Directions members graduating, Mr. Schue has to rebuild his national champion team, which explains the arrival of cross-dressing Wade "Unique" Adams ("Glee Project" runner-up Alex Newell) from rival Vocal Adrenaline. (Just don't tell Brittany; she thinks he's Mercedes with a new haircut).

No footage yet of Kate's fellow guest star Sarah Jessica Parker, but you gotta leave 'em wanting more, huh, Ryan?

What do you think of this first look at season four, Gleeks? Like what you see? What do you hope to see in a follow-up clip? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!