Ryan Lochte Already Filmed His '90210' Cameo And It's... Shirtless

We're kicking today off in sexy style with Eye Candy: Gold-Medal Winner Edition. Remember when we mentioned the news about Olympic heartthrob Ryan Lochte landing a guest star gig on "90210"? Well, cancel those plans to stalk the set visit the Warner Bros. lot, because he’s already filmed it!

MTV News was lucky enough to bump into the pretty swimmer at Wednesday’s "Expendables 2" premiere in Hollywood where we learned a few details about Ryan’s forthcoming visit to West Beverly High. Bonus fact: He smells as sweet as he looks. What? I can't help it if he’s a close-talker...

"It was really nerve-racking for me because that was my first acting gig," he said. "Hopefully I did a good job but the cast members there were so helpful, they really walked me through everything and said, 'Don't worry, just relax and be yourself.' And so I did and it was a lot of fun."

And the most important of all important questions: Did they let him keep his clothes on?

"No, my shirt was off," he admitted with a smile and a giggle.

Of course it was. Those "90210" showrunners know what they're doing! They've been practicing the glorious art of objectification for years. I did jokingly say to Ryan that shirtlessness was probably part of his contract, which he did not deny. You know what that means, Lochte fans? We're going to be seeing plenty more of the man in the coming months.

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