'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'What Lies Beneath'

Much like Ali before her, Maya continued to communicate from the grave during last night's episode of "Pretty Little Liars." As you'll recall, the girls finally hacked into Maya's website (MayaSpace, rather), but the dearly departed's poetry recitations didn't really aid their investigation too much. But the latest clue might! Hanna found a note on her porch from Maya to Emily, dated the night of the murder. It asked Emily to meet Maya...well, the where was a little smudged, so it remained a mystery. But not for long...

Hanna pulled a total "CSI," enlarging and printing the photos from MayaSpace, hoping to pick up details the liars had previously missed. And she did! Several of the selfies Maya took were in front of the Kahn cabin. What was she doing there? And in her pajamas!?

The liars decided to do a little reKAHNizance (get it!?), so they split up to snoop while Noel was at football practice. Spencer took the boys' locker room (we knew she was a smart girl!), and grabbed Noel's phone from his locker to search for any trace of Maya. She came up empty-handed but was caught red-handed when Noel walked in and saw her at his locker. Yet she somehow slipped out while Noel was distracted.

Hanna and Emily took the Kahn cabin, where they found a hidden room that Maya had been staying. They knew because her bag was still there, and inside they found a bus ticket to San Francisco. Maya apparently never left Rosewood. But just as they started to think about the implications of their new-found clue, all the doors and windows slammed shut like something out of a horror flick. They were stuck! Emily began smashing the windows to escape—which they eventually did, but not before Hanna cut her leg, and bad. When they emerged, the message, "I'm saving you for later. -A" was spray-painted on the side of the cabin.

Paging Dr. Wren! Hanna's flirtation with the physician paid off as he made a house call to sew up her leg. And though she had told him earlier nothing would happen between them because of Spencer and Toby, he seemed all kinds of into her as he made her dinner and helped her prop up her injured leg. This isn't over yet.

Back at home, fresh off her locker room shenanigans, Spencer got a blocked email, apparently from Noel, with his cabin's surveillance footage attached. Surveillance footage from the night of Maya's murder, which showed her arriving at the cabin at 10 p.m. (after she was spotted with Garrett) and being dragged off by a mysterious figure minutes later, all while Noel and Jenna were inside. What does it all mean? Well, supposedly, it means neither Garrett, Noel nor Jenna committed the murder, but it seems a bit tenuous to me.

Maya's murder is still a big mystery, but one thing came into clear relief this episode: Young buck Zack is totally into Aria's mom, Ella, and the feelings are mutual. Also on the romance beat, Nate finally kissed Emily (which we knew he'd been wanting to do forever), and Paige—unbeknownst to Emily—saw them. Whoops! Also, Ezra tracked down his baby mama, Maggie, in Delaware. Will she return to mess things up with Ezria? We have no idea, but this being Rosewood, we think it's probably safe to say, most likely.

What did you think of last night's episode of "Pretty Little Liars"? Do you think Garrett, Noel and Jenna are off the hook for Maya's murder? How will Maggie play into Ezra and Aria's relationship? Are you shipping Wren and Hanna, or do you only have eyes for Caleb? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!