'Catching Fire' Gifts Us With Cashmere

The reaping for the Quarter Quell continues! As does the epic tease being perpetrated by Lionsgate, who has apparently decided to torment its rabid fandom by casting every single "Catching Fire" tribute who isn't Finnick Odair before finally telling us which actor we'll all be drooling over come the 2013 release of the second film in the "Hunger Games" franchise. (Seriously, Lionsgate, we're onto your little plan, and we don't like it. NOT ONE BIT.)

The latest face to join the league of arena contenders? It's Stephanie Leigh Schlund, a pretty blonde who'll represent District 1 as the driven career tribute, Cashmere, who fights in the 75th Hunger Games alongside her brother, Gloss.

Like many of the peripheral tributes, Stephanie is a relative newcomer to Hollywood, albeit one you might have seen before; she played the older sister of Liam Hemsworth's character in "The Last Song" (and for the daytime gameshow-watching crowd, you might recognize her from her early stint as a model on "The Price Is Right")—but while her resume is sparse, she's certainly got the right look to play the part! Not only can she easily pass as a relation of Alan Ritchson, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed actor playing Gloss, but she bears a strong resemblance to Leven Rambin, who played Glimmer in the first film (and met a painful, puffy demise at the business end of a bunch of tracker jackers.)

What do you think of the latest "Catching Fire" tribute to be cast?