Do You Want To Dress In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'?

Much like youngsters who just have to have a full lineup of Disney princess clothes, toys, accessories, bedding and fashion toothbrushes in order to complete the worshipful relationship with the franchises they love, the grownups who adored E.L. James' "Fifty Shades of Grey" are getting their own merchandising tie-ins! (With, uh, certain obvious differences; the idea of a "Fifty Shades" cereal makes us all just a teensy bit uncomfy.) And first up, everyone's favorite story of a sadistic billionaire playboy and the wide-eyed ingenue who loves him will now be getting its own line of apparel, news confirmed by the folks over at Gossip Cop.

Deals have been struck with three different clothing makers to launch a "Fifty Shades"-centric fashion initiative, from a relatively staid series of hoodies and other knitwear to racier undies, stockings and other leggy things. (Sounds like this line of duds will be aimed mostly at aspiring Anastasias; there's no news on whether wannabe Christian Greys will be able to pick up T-shirts that say, "My mother was a crack whore." Yet. But give it time!) And who wouldn't want to bed down for the evening in a lovely pair of sadomasochistic pajamas?! ...No, really, we need to know: Would you deck out your various body parts in any of this stuff? Or will you take a pass on the tie-ins, even if you loved reading about the book's tie-ups?

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