Alan Ritchson Grabs Gloss In 'Catching Fire'

The "Catching Fire" casting is heating up, with announcements now rolling on the regular as Lionsgate fills out its stable of tributes for the 75th Hunger Games—and today, it's an evil Career who's officially on board! The word came down this afternoon that Alan Ritchson has been cast as Gloss, the Quarter Quell tribute from District 1 (the home base of Glimmer, Marvel and Cashmere, which is known first for breeding Hunger Games champions and second for giving them really silly names.)

Alan has made all the usual up-and-coming actor's appearances on shows like "CSI" and "Smallville," but you might recognize this fine, foxy gentleman from a slightly more unique moment in entertainment history: He's the former "American Idol" contestant who delivered a very sexy solo serenade to Paula Abdul back in 2004. (His charms got him through the audition round, but alas, he was cut in which point the show became roughly 50 percent less well-muscled.) But after almost 10 years on television, he's older, wiser, and possibly even more chiseled, making him a perfect choice for the hard-hearted (and nicely toned) Gloss.

"Catching Fire" blazes into theaters November 22, 2013.

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