'Catching Fire' Casts Career Tribute Brutus

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, 'cause they reaping errbody up in here! "Catching Fire" is getting fast and furious with the casting of tributes, as the past two weeks have seen the Quarter Quell arena filling out with supporting actors to play the roles of Katniss' competitors and comrades in the 75th Hunger Games. And after learning yesterday that Meta Golding will be sinking her teeth into the part of Enobaria, Lionsgate has hooked up the District 2 tribute with her male counterpart: the cunning Brutus! Who is being played by the appropriately sinister-looking Bruno Gunn!

Bruno isn't the most well-known dude in Hollywood (and he does lack the Obvious Evil Guy cachet of Kevin Durand, who was reportedly in talks for the role back in June along with Victor Gojcaj), but he's no stranger to tough-as-nails characters; actually, he's made something of a career for himself playing police officers, prison guards and even a convict or two.

Plus, the guy can wear the heck out of a pair of leather pants while holding a falcon, so we're sold. And with his super-shiny head and unsettling steely gaze, we've got no doubt that Bruno will do an excellent job of bringing the evil when the Games begin.

What do you think of the latest "Catching Fire" casting news?