'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'The Kahn Game'

The secrets just keep stacking up for our favorite former English professor, huh? Last week, we learned that Ezra's real surname is Fitzgerald and that his family is Rosewood's equivalent of the Rockefellers. But in "The Kahn Game," we not only met younger brother Wesley, but rode along as he spilled a major revelation to Ezra's lady love Aria.

Let's start at the beginning. Smarty pants Spencer was all kinds of out of sorts thanks to missing University of Pennsylvania's early admissions deadline. Enter shop girl CeCe who told her she just so happened to be invited to a party where high-school-friend-turned-admissions-counselor Steven would be in attendance. Spencer could just turn her application packet in to him...in between keg stands and rounds of Truth or Dare.

At Casa Marin, Ashley got an unwelcome visitor in the form of a police officer, who wanted Hanna's blood like he was a sparkling vampire. Mama Marin was all, "Not so fast, copper," and placed a call to Veronica Hastings, Esq. Ashley did her best to keep the news from Hanna so as not to worry her, but her offer to cook chicken Parmesan was just too suspect and she inevitably spilled the news. Hanna took it pretty well, all things considered. The liar spent most of the episode reconciling with boyfriend Caleb, who sent our blood pressure soaring when he divulged to Hanna that we was A. Okay, so he's not A—it was a clever ploy to get Hanna to admit that she was indeed being terrorized by an A spawn. She opened up about the texter causing the accident in Montecito, and all finally looked to be well between the two lovebirds. (But what about Wreeeeeeen?)

Wanting to protect Emily's fleeting happiness with Paige, the girls decided not to reveal that they had cracked Maya's website. But Emily confronted Hanna about the lack of info, and she not only learned about MayaSpace but was given the password so she too could hear Maya's sappy poems and ruminations about incarnation. (I'm sorry, Maya is—was—just sooooo emo!)

Spencer and Aria headed to the shindig with CeCe, which as it turned out, was at the Kahn's cabin. Noel's older brother Eric is an acquaintance of CeCe's. At the door, the girls were stamped with the same symbol that Maya, Holden and mysterious diner guy all sported. With Admissions Guy Steven nowhere to be found, CeCe escorted the girls to the downstairs game room, where the only rule was you had to play to stay. CeCe took on Eric in a game of Truth, but soon enough, Noel showed up with Jenna, and Aria challenged him to a tell-all round. They didn't learn much from Noel beyond the fact that Maya had come to a few of the parties before she died. Jenna and Spencer then faced off, and Jenna revealed that she found Emily in a diner—not in the middle of the road—the night she was drugged. She lied to protect "someone."

Ready to leave, Aria called Ezra for a ride, but it was brother Wesley who answered instead and picked Aria up. (FYI: Wesley is suddenly hanging around Ezra to help him buy back their grandfather's car, which he sold for money. Apparently, mom thinks its a family heirloom that needs to be returned). While driving back to town, Wesley lets slip that Ezra impregnated a girl when he was a teenager and that mommy dearest took care of it. (We don't need to spell out what "take care of it" means, do we?) Aria was obviously distraught, but when Ezra later explained and asked her to come inside his apartment, she acquiesced.

Still at the party, Spencer tracked down CeCe, confronting her about the obvious absence/fakery of Admissions Guy Steven, but CeCe assured that she'd not only ran into him but had given him the application packet. Spencer was dubious, but later that same evening (on a Friday night, mind you), she received an email from UPenn confirming receipt of her early admission materials. Maybe we're paranoid, but something about this doesn't smell right. Don't fall for it, Spencer!

Also of note if you're closely following the romantic entanglements of the adults of "Pretty Little Liars," Ashley went on another date with Ted, who is a man of God and a red-blooded man. If you know what we mean.

What did you think of last night's "Pretty Little Liars"? Do you think Ezra is hiding even more secrets? Are you glad Caleb and Hanna are back together? Did Spencer get duped by CeCe? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!