Meta Golding Gets Toothsome Role In 'Catching Fire'

Take a good look, "Hunger Games" fans: This, right here, is the face that will haunt your nightmares after "Catching Fire" hits theaters next year.

Isn't it pretty?

That's Meta Golding, the actress who's just been cast in the role of psychotic District 2 tribute Enobaria—which means that the next time you see her, she'll be sporting some distinctive and dreadful orthodonture that makes her look less like a beautiful human and more like a feral landshark. (If you've read the books, you'll know her as the Quarter Quell tribute who won her first Hunger Games by filing her teeth into points and [CENSORED DUE TO SPOILERS AND ALSO BECAUSE EWWWWWW].)

The sultry-looking Meta is a familiar face from primetime network and cable television—she's made the rounds with guest and recurring roles on everything from "House" to "Criminal Minds" to "Burn Notice" to "CSI"—but she's something of a newcomer to the feature film scene, making her role in "Catching Fire" quite a coup. And with the part of Enobaria giving her plenty to chew on (see what we did there?), we're looking forward to seeing her make a memorable impression in her first major blockbuster.

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