'Pretty Little Liars' Star Lucy Hale Hints At Upcoming 'Spice' For Aria And Ezra

by Danica Ruberti

Anytime we think that tangled web of secrets on "Pretty Little Liars" can’t get any messier, we're proven otherwise. If only we could get one of those adorable actresses to let loose with some insider scoop we wouldn't have to be anxious about the always action-packed summer finale. Alas. We'll still accept some good Ezria scoop courtesy of Lucy Hale.

“A lot of people who really haven’t had secrets in the show, like Ezra, now have a huge secret,” Lucy admitted. “Aria gets to meet his family.”

Yeah, yeah, but Lucy, will we have any answers about the fallout from that secret by the end of this season?

"Somewhat. It’s sorta how our show always goes. When one door closes, another one always opens,” she grinned. “It makes Aria and Ezra’s storyline much more interesting, so it’s not just like a romance. There’s more spice to it, which is exciting.”

And no, we still can’t trust Mona as far as we can throw her... No surprise there!

“We don’t really know whose side she’s on, who she’s working for or who she’s working with,” Lucy added. “She’s bad though.”

In other news, Lucy’s music career is continuing to blossom thanks to a new record deal and recent recording session with Kristian Bush of Sugarland.

“[It was] amazing," she said of the experience. “I went down to Atlanta, worked with Kristian Bush from Sugarland, which is amazing. Just working with some really great people that are big in the country world.”

It’s no surprise to us that our sweet Lucy is quite the adept at what she does. Even Kristian thinks so!

“Pretty much from the beginning he was like, ‘How are you feeling? What do you want to write about?’ He gave me the biggest compliment,” she exclaimed with a grin from ear to ear. “He was just like, ‘You’re a natural at it, so just own it.’ He’s like, ‘You’re a good writer, so just own it and you’re good to go.'”

That’s right! "Pretty Little Liar" star to country singing sensation. We’re totally on board.

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