Ben Savage: Boy Meets Mars

It's an oversight of intergalactic proportions. Somehow, in our daily post dedicated to all things newsworthy and/or nutty in the Twittersphere, we've never once highlighted the always on-point Ben Savage. Whether making a self-effacing joke about his taste in music or chronicling his journey to find the Grilled Cheese Truck (take us with you!), the former "Boy Meets World" star is a reliably humorous crafter of 140-words-or-less missives. And today's post about the Mars landing is another out-of-this-world example of his wit.

In case you're a little in the dark, NASA successfully landed a space rover called Curiosity on the red planet very early this morning. You can even follow the craft's goings on via Twitter (@MarsCuriosity).

We can't wait for Ben to start the inevitable parody account @BrunoMarsCuriosity. (Make it happen, Savage!)

Have you been following Curiosity? Who are some of your favorite Tweeters?