Watch EXCLUSIVE Book Trailer For Jessica Khoury's 'Origin'

There's been no missing out on the amazing buzz for Jessica Khoury's new novel, "Origin"—the story of a flawless teenage girl born in a lab, bred for immortality, and kept safe and secret from the outside world—has already been optioned for film and become one of the most-anticipated books to hit shelves this fall. But with another month to go before you can get your hands on the story (and GAH, who knows how long before the movie gets made?!), wouldn't it be nice to watch an EXCLUSIVE trailer that teases just what kind of awesome sci-fi sexiness is in store come the book's release September? Well, hey, guess what we've got!

This fascinating trailer introduces us to Pia, living in guarded isolation behind a glass wall, the very first member of a genetically engineered race of immortal humans. But despite having a pretty posh life in her private terrarium—including exclusive access to a really great pool and all the (intermittently censored) books she could ever want to read—Pia can't help feeling that something is missing...and that something, of course, is a scorchingly attractive teenage boy who stumbles up against her glass house without his shirt on. And, um, yeah; under the circumstances, we would have thrown a chair through the window too.

"Origin" follows Pia as she escapes her prison and flees into the thick of civilization with Eio, the only boy she's ever met, as they race against time to learn the truth about where she came from. And if you're dying to get your hands on it...well, yeah, so are we, but we've gotta wait until next September 4. So in the meantime, let's all just feast our eyes on the sweaty young man with a delightful resemblance to Joe Manganiello and try to be patient, shall we?

How excited are you to read "Origin" when it finally comes out next month? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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