Ian Somerhalder Confirms That Vampires Can Melt

by Ashleigh Schmitz

If there was one question the writers of "The Vampire Diaries" hadn't answered about the mythology of bloodsuckers, it's whether or not they can melt (we already know they burn in the sun). But lucky for us, Ian Somerhalder answered that question when he tweeted about wearing a leather jacket on set of the Atlanta-based show.

It's been one of the hotter summers we can remember too, Ian, but we could probably read one of Stefan's journals to find out if it's record-breaking. You know, since the Salvatores have been around for over 150 years and all.

And P.S. We do appreciate your suffering in the Atlanta heat, because while you're melting right now, we'll be the ones melting into our couches when we watch you in your leather jacket, so it all works out in the end.

Or would you just prefer he take the leather jacket off?