'Beautiful Creatures' Star Emmy Rossum Gives Us A Peek At Ravenwood Manor

It takes but one glance at actress Emmy Rossum to know she was destined to play a Beautiful Creature. So we were pleased as punch when the 25-year-old was tapped to play Ridley Duchannes in the big-screen adaptation of Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl's supernatural novel, "Beautiful Creatures."

Emmy was kind enough to welcome us to the New Orleans-based set recently, where she gave us a first look at Ravenwood Manor and the inside track on her trouble-making character.

"I play Ridley Duchannes, and she is a fine Southern young lady, and she is a dark caster," Emmy explained. "She was claimed for the dark when she was 16 and since then has been basically up to no good, which is a lot of fun to play. Basically, my role in the film is to come back and ensure that Lena Duchannes, played by Alice Englert, her cousin, turns dark when she turns 16."

With such a task before her, it's a good thing Ridley has incredibly powerful abilities at her disposal.

"Ridley's main power is the ability to manipulate people, especially men, and to use her charms to get what she wants, whatever that is," she said.

Fans of the source material will instantly recognize the scene and Emmy and co-stars were filming the day we visited. It's a pivotal moment in which the teen returns unannounced to the family home following her banishment.

"It's kind of her turning point, her big moment where she makes stuff hit the fan, and it's really fun to kind of manipulate and play with the dynamic and undercurrents of the character," Emmy explained. "Is she all evil? Does she have goodness inside? When is she really being herself and when is she really playing people? It's really fun for me to play."

Click play on the video above to hear more from Emmy, including neat details about the scene's special effects!

"Beautiful Creatures" hits theaters February 13, 2012.

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