Sam Claflin Is Probably Finnick For Sure, But How About These Guys?

On the heels of the exciting announcement that Lynn Cohen had snagged the role of Mags in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," Deadline has a titillating little add-on to its coverage of the news: Sam Claflin, who was previously reported as the front-runner for the role of Finnick Odair, is looking likelier than ever...but if he didn't get the part, then the producers were planning to choose from a previously un-published shortlist of runners-up with some very interesting names on it.

The dish: It appears that Ben Walker, Boyd Holbrook and Tyler Hoechlin (of MTV's "Teen Wolf") were all named as possible contenders for the role of Finnick—a veritable buffet of choice gentleman who would have all done quite nicely to fill the part of the trident-wielding District 4 golden boy!

But alas, it's all academic at this point, because whatever contract-related obstacle that was standing between Sam Claflin and an official deal-sealing for the role has been (reportedly) taken care of. Which means that it shouldn't be long before the announcement comes from Lionsgate that Sam is on board, really for real... and depending upon your feelings about the three sexy manbeasts we just mentioned, this is either the best news yet or the most disappointing thing ever. Hooray/sorry.

So, which is it: yea, or nay for Sam nearing official confirmation in "Catching Fire"? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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