'Catching Fire' Snags Another Tribute In Mags!

Lynn CohenWe'll give you the bad news first: It's not Finnick Odair. But that niggling little detail doesn't dampen the exciting news that one of the District 4 tributes for "The Hunger Games" sequel "Catching Fire" has finally been cast! After a couple of false starts (including the quickly quashed rumor that Melissa Leo was in talks to join the film), Lionsgate issued the official announcement today that Mags, the elderly bad-ass who selflessly volunteers for the Quarter Quell, will be played by veteran actress Lynn Cohen.

This is a great role for Lynn in a cast otherwise dominated by young'uns; Mags is one of the most sympathetic characters in "Catching Fire," and an integral member of the arena alliance that Katniss and Peeta join in hopes of surviving. And if the actress playing her looks familiar, that's probably because...y'know, she is. The lady has been acting forever, most recognizably as a judge on "Law & Order" and Miranda's uptight cleaning lady on "Sex and the City," and she has a mile-long resume befitting someone of her age and experience...even if her actual age seems to be a mystery. Do you think Lynn is really 80, like her character is supposed to be? (Yeah, neither do we.)

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" hits theaters November 22, 2013.

How does movie Mags measure up to your idea of her from the books? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!