Which Hutcherson-Hemsworth Matchup Lights Your Fire?

Fun fact: Long before "The Hunger Games" hit theaters, broke records and made Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth two of the most up-and-coming young men in Hollywood, Josh actually spent some screen time hanging out with an entirely different Hemsworth—the fine-featured big brother Chris, who shares his sibling's interest in acting as well as the family genetic code for jaw-dropping hotness. Josh and Chris filmed "Red Dawn" together back in 2009, along with Josh Peck (pre-dating both Josh's casting in the "Hunger Games" movie franchise as well as Chris's superhero stint in "Thor" and "The Avengers").

Alas, "Red Dawn" was delayed due to distribution issues, but it's finally being released at long last on November 21—giving us all a chance to enjoy a sort of time-traveling cinematic experience as we watch baby versions (or three-years-younger, anyway) of our favorite actors defending their hometown from the incursion of eeeeevil dictatorial forces. But more importantly, we're psyched to see which on-screen Hutcherson-Hemsworth pairing is more fun! ...Not that it's a competition, of course.

Except that it totally is.

So, you tell us: Which match-up between Hutch and the Hems do you think will be more enjoyable? Vote in our poll after the jump!

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