'Beautiful Disaster' Headed For Box-Office Success?

by Ashleigh Schmitz

As we sit and wait for actual news about the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie, another racy—albeit tamer—book, Jamie McGuire's "Beautiful Disaster," was recently purchased by Warner Bros. for a film adaptation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jamie McGuire's "Beautiful Disaster" is a YA novel that's been compared to "Fifty Shades," and is about college good-girl Abby (sounds familiar) who falls for Travis, the bad boy on campus. The two make a bet: If Abby wins, Travis must remain abstinent for a month, but if Travis wins, Abby will live in his apartment for the same amount of time.

Warner Bros. won a bidding war with CBS Films for rights to the book, which will be an easier adaptation than "Fifty Shades" because it doesn't get quite as kinky. Abby doesn't succumb to Travis as quickly as Ana turns to putty for Christian Grey, creating more sexual tension and build up to the steamy scenes.

The similarities between "Beautiful Disaster" and E.L. James' fast-selling novel aren't limited to the plot and character dynamic. "Beautiful Disasters" also began as a self-published ebook and garnered New York Times best-selling status. A new paperback edition will hit bookstore shelves August 14.

Have you read "Beautiful Disaster"?